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E. Westergren, DIVA. (2018)

“…Before the Circular Dichroism (CD) measurements all samples were prepared to a (peptide) concentration of 10 µM in PBS. The CD spectra were recorded using the Chirascan Spectropolarimeter from Applied Photophysics with a TC 125 temperature controller from Quantum Northwest steps with the sample in a 1.0 mm quartz cuvette. In the CD two different types of measurements were made; a scan over a wavelength span (200-250 nm, with a step length of 0.5 nm and three repeats per measurement) with fix temperature of 20 ᵒC to detect secondary structure of peptides and a temperature scan over the span 5-90 ᵒC, increasing 1 ᵒC per measurement and 3 repeats, and with a fix wavelength of 222 nm to find the “melting point” of the sample…”

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