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Dalvie, NC;Rodriguez-Aponte, SA;Hartwell, BL;Tostanoski, LH;Biedermann, AM;Crowell, LE;Kaur, K;Kumru, O;Carter, L;Yu, J;Chang, A;McMahan, K;Courant, T;Lebas, C;Lemnios, AA;Rodrigues, KA;Silva, M;Johnston, RS;Naranjo, CA;Tracey, MK;Brady, JR;Whittaker, CA;Yun, D;Kar, S;Porto, M;Lok, M;Andersen, H;Lewis, MG;Love, KR;Camp, DL;Silverman, JM;Kleanthous, H;Joshi, SB;Volkin, DB;Dubois, PM;Collin, N;King, NP;Barouch, DH;Irvine, DJ;Love, JC;, bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology, (2021)

“…lar Dichroism (CD) CD spectroscopy was performed using a Chirascan-plus CD spectrometer (Applied Photophysics Ltd., Leatherhead, UK) equipped with a 6-cuvette position Peltier temperature controller (Quantum Northwest, Liberty Lake, WA) and a high-performance solid-state detector. The lamp (150 W air-cooled Xe arc) housing, monochromator and sample compartment were continuously purged with N2 gas…”

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