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Benaissa, H;Ounoughi, K;Aujard, I;Fischer, E;Goïame, R;Nguyen, J;Tebo, A;Li, C;Saux, T;Danglot, L;Pietrancosta, N;Morin, X;Jullien, L;Gautier, A;, bioRxiv, (2021)

“…Steady state UV-Vis absorption spectra were recorded using a Cary 300 UV-Vis spectrometer (Agilent Technologies), equipped with a Versa20 Peltier-based temperature controlled cuvette chamber (Quantum Northwest) and fluorescence spectra were recorded using a LPS 220 spectrofluorometer (PTI, Monmouth Junction, NJ), equipped with a TLC50TM Legacy/PTI Peltier based temperature-controlled cuvette chamber (Quantum Northwest)…”

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