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Gatin-Fraudet, B; Ottenwelter, R; Le Saux, T; Norsikian, S; Pucher, M; Lombès, T; Baron, A; Durand, P; Doisneau, G; Bourdreux, Y; Iorga, BI; Erard, M; Jullien, L; Guianvarc’h, D; Urban, D; Vauzeilles, B;, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol. 118, 50(2021).

“Oxidation reactions were monitored by fluorescence using a Photon Technology International QuantaMaster QM-1 spectrofluorimeter equipped with a Peltier cell holder (TLC50; Quantum Northwest). All measurements of protonation constants were performed in…”

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