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Westdijk, J; Kogelman, A; van der Put, R; Eksteen, Z; Suarez, D; Kersten, GFA; Metz, B; Danial, M;, Journal of pharmaceutical sciences, Pg. 1058-1069, Vol. 111, 4(2022).

“…(160 – 850 nm), a Peltier holder, a TC 125 temperature controller (Quantum Northwest) and a water bath (Thermomix® UB) operating at 10 °C. Dialyzed Sabin-IPV sample (1 mL) containing 20 – 60 µg/mL total protein concentration as determined by the Bradford assay, was pipetted into a 1-cm pathlength fluorescence quartz cuvette (Suprasil®, Hellma) and an…”

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