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Aufdembrink, LM, Hoog, TG, Pawlak, MR, Bachan, BF, Heili, JM, Engelhart, AE, Meth. Enzymol., Pg. 23-43, Vol. 623 (2019)

“…The Agilent Cary 60 is among the more inexpensive cuvette-based UV-visible spectrometers available (ca. $11K new as of 2017) but is unique in that it employs a flashlamp source with a 80 Hz repetition rate, enabling scanning a full UV-visible spectrum in a few seconds. It does not have a multi-cell Peltier module, but one is commercially available from a third-party vendor (qCHANGER 6 from Quantum Northwest, ca. $7K new as of 2017). Here, we describe the use of the combination of these two instruments for data collection in full-spectrum UV-visible thermal denaturation…”

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