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Kortekaas, L, Steen, JD, Duijnstee, DR, Jacquemin, D, Browne, WR,  J Phys Chem A, Page 6458-6467,  Vol 124, Issue 38 (2020)

“…0 mW), and 660 nm (14.5 mW) was provided by diodes (M300F2, M365F1, M455L3-C5, M490F1, M565F1, and M660F1, respectively, from Thorlabs). UV–vis absorption spectra were recorded at −30 °C using a Quantum Northwest temperature-controlled cuvette holder. Absolute quantum yields were determined as described earlier,23 using the ferrioxalate-based actinometric method described by Hatchard and Park…”

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