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Arnon, Z;Kreiser, T;Yakimov, B;Brown, N;Aizen, R;Shaham-Niv, S;Makam, P;Qaisrani, M;Poli, E;Ruggiero, A;Slutsky, I;Hassanali, A;Shirshin, E;Levy, D;Gazit, E;, bioRxiv, (2021)

“…Briefly, L-phenylalanine (Panreac Applichem, CAS 63-91-2, no additional purification) in a concentration of 40 mg/ml was dissolved in distilled water (Millipore-Q) at 90 °C (temperature was controlled by the thermostat Qpod 2e, Quantum Northwest, USA) and was stirred for 1 hour using magnetic stirring for complete dissolving…”

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