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A. Olsen, P. Katyal, J. Haghpanah, M. Kubilius, R. Li, N. Schnabel, S. O’Neill, Y. Wang, M. Dai, N. Singh, R. Tu, and J. Montclare, Biomacromolecules. 19, 1552-1561 (2018)

“…Proteins were characterized 5 for their temperature transition (Tt) behavior using a UV-Vis Cary-50 (Varian Inc., Cary, NC) 6 equipped with a TC125 temperature regulator (Quantum Northwest, Liberty Lake, WA). Samples were heated at a rate of 0.5 ˚C min-1 7 from 20 ˚C to 80 ˚C. At least 3 sample preps from 8 different batches of expression were prepared and the average data was plotted to acquire the average inflection point in the absorbance curve44 9…”

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