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J. Zhang, Z. Ye, W. Chen, Y. Manevich, S. Mehrotra, L. Ball, Y. Janssen-Heininger, K. Tew, and D. Townsend, J. Biol. Chem. 293, 4366-4380 (2018)

“…Briefly, BMDDC (1.0×106 cells/ml) were suspended in PBS and 100 µM CaCl2, and stimulated with 200 ng/ml LPS for the indicated times. Total surface reduced thiol levels were then determined by an immediate fluorescence increase upon the addition of TG-1 (final concentration 5 µM) at 379Ex/513Em, measured by a QuantaMaster spectrofluorometer equipped with A-1010B continuous Xenon arc lamp and 814 Photomultiplier Detection Systems (Photon Technology International, Birmingham, NJ) in a quartz cuvette under constant stirring at 37ºC, controlled by TC 125 Temperature Controller (Quantum Northwest, Shoreline, WA)…”

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