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Rubbiani, R, Wu, W, Naik, A, Larocca, M, Schneider, L, Padrutt, R, Babu, V, König, C, Hinger, D, Maake, C, Ferrari, S, Gasser, G, Spingler, B, Preprint (2020)

“…The cuvettes containing solutions of the same concentration as used for the corresponding UV-Vis spectroscopy were placed in a CUV-UV/VIS-TC-ABS temperature-controlled Qpod sample compartment (Avantes, The Netherlands) and cooled to 20°C,  temperature control was performed with the use of a TC-125 controller (Quantum Northwest, USA) and Q-Blue software. Emission spectroscopy was conducted in a custom-built setup3 , that is based on the setup described by Bonnet and co-workers. 4…”

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