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Cyl 100/PE265

100mm Cylindrical Cell Holder with Peltier Temperature Control for the Perkin Elmer LAMBDA 265 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
Product Overview

The Cyl 100/PE265 (with TC 1 Temperature Controller) provides Peltier-based temperature control for a 100 mm pathlength cylindrical cuvette in the Perkin Elmer LAMBDA 265 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer. Place the filled cuvette in a cradle and screw down a cover, thus surrounding the cuvette with temperature-controlled surfaces. Place two magnetic stir bars in the cuvette, one under each stopper. Set the temperature and stir speed. Maintain a precise, uniform temperature in the cell.

The Cyl 100/PE265 replaces the standard cuvette holder of the spectrometer. Operate the TC 1/Single Temperature Controller using the menu button or through program T-App available from Quantum Northwest, capable of maintaining complex temperature profiles. Currently, this product does not directly coordinate with the spectrometer software.

Product Features

Rapid, precise Peltier temperature control
Magnetic stirring at each end of the cell
Dry gas purge for work at low temperature
Probe input for sample temperature
NIST-traceable temperature calibration

  • Technical Specifications
    Number of cuvettes controlled
    Number of temperatures controlled
    Typical use
    Absorbance with 100 mm path
    Standard cuvette size (outside)
    102.5 mm
    Beam ports per cuvette
    Entrance port diameter
    12 mm
    Factory set temperature range
    -40 °C to +105 °C
    Temperature range easily achievable
    -20 °C to +110 °C
    Temperature precision
    ±0.01 °C
    Temperature accuracy full range
    Within ±0.30
    Temperature reproducibility
    Better than ±0.07
    Thermistor probes accepted
    Series 400 or Series 500
    Magnetic stirring motor type
    Stepper under each stopper
    Magnetic stirring speed range
    Default stirring speed
    1200 rpm
    Stirring speed best performance
    60-1800 rpm
  • Basic Package

    Cyl 100 – Temperature-controlled cuvette holder
    TC 1/Single – Temperature Controller
    Sample compartment tray with front panel utility access
    BATH 10 – Circulator
    NIST-traceable calibration and performance data
    Accessories – Two magnetic stir bars, tubing and cables

  • Accessories
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