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Flash 300 (discontinued)

Standalone Peltier-driven temperature-controlled cuvette holder for use with laser-based spectroscopies
Product Overview

Originally designed for pulsed-laser photoacoustics, the Flash 300 is ideal for your most creative laser spectroscopy experiments. Use it for flash photolysis, photochemistry, fluorescence, Raman spectroscopy or something that has never been tried before. Use it for biological solutions in water or purchase a windowed jacket and use it at temperatures down to -40 C. Purchase the extended temperature version and go lower than -40 C or all the way up to +150 C. The Flash 300 has four optical ports and a flattened temperature-controlled tower permitting collimated beams to pass through the long dimension, while maximizing the aperture for excitation or light collection at 90 degrees. A removable plug on one side of the tower provides easy access all the way in to the cuvette surface for mounting transducers or focusing light through objective lenses. Use a vertical adjustment to match the height of your laser. Focus your light and then use a micrometer-driven horizontal adjustment to move the entire tower back and forth to optimize the laser position in the sample. Control the Flash 300 using the menu button on the front of the TC 1/Single Temperature Controller or program temperature changes with Quantum Northwest’s program T-App. Use simple text instructions and program your entire experiment yourself through the USB or RS232 interface.

Product Features

Four optical ports with access close to the cuvette
Rapid, precise temperature control over wide ranges
NIST-traceable temperature calibration
Precise, variable speed, stepper-motor-driven stirring
Dry gas purge to minimize condensation
Programmable through USB with script language
Probe input for sample temperature measurement
Micrometer-driven translation for beam placement
Built-in height adjustment to adapt to your experiment
Removable plug for direct access to the cuvette
Windowed jacket for work at cold temperatures

  • Technical Specifications
    Number of cuvettes controlled
    Typical use
    Laser spectroscopy
    Standard cuvette size (outside)
    12.5 mm x 12.5 mm
    Optical ports per cuvette
    Optical port dimensions
    12 mm high x 10 mm wide
    Height range of port center above table
    85 mm to 113 mm
    Built-in optical slit holders
    4 per cuvette
    Windowed jacket available
    4 windows
    Normal factory set temperature range
    -40 °C to +105 °C
    Temperature range easily achievable
    -15 °C to +105 °C
    Range with special techniques
    -40 °C to +105 °C
    Extended factory set temperature range
    -55 °C to +150 °C
    Accuracy greater range
    Better than ±0.3 ⁰C from ‐20 ⁰C to +110 ⁰C
    Temperature reproducibility
    Better than ±0.07 °C
    Thermistor probes accepted
    Series 400 or Series 500
    Magnetic stirring motor type
    Magnetic stirring speed range
    1-2500 rpm
    Default stirring speed
    1200 rpm
    Stirring speed best performance
    60-1800 rpm
  • Basic Package

    Flash 300 temperature-controlled cuvette holder
    TC 1/Single – Temperature Controller
    Bath 10 Circulator
    NIST-traceable calibration and performance data
    Accessories – Magnetic stir bar, tubing, cables, optical slits and opaque cap

  • Accessories
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