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BATH 120

AC Circulator

The Bath 100 consists of a 120- or 240-Volt AC submersible aquarium pump, a bucket and a coil of 1/8-inch ID vinyl tubing. These pumps only come with US or Euro plugs. Please specify the desired voltage. A fitting is placed on the outlet to accommodate the tubing. The bucket has a tight-fitting lid with three holes. The holes have grommets to hold the inlet tube, outlet tube and electrical cord. The hole for the electrical cord is split to permit passage of the cord.

The Bath 100 is provided with products such as the qpod 2e that do not use a TC 1 Temperature Controller. We recommend the use of an algicide to prevent the growth of unsightly organisms that could potentially limit flow. (We do not provide algicide due to the expense of shipping chemicals.)

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