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Calibrations and Probes – Thermistor probes and kit for temperature calibrations

CD 250 Accessories – Cuvette and sample carriages for the CD 250

Cuvette Adapters – Adapters for absorbance measurements using cuvettes with 0.5, 1, 2 and 5 mm path lengths

Optical Slits – Additional sets of optical slits for use with selected cuvette holders

Panels and Adapters – Front panels, adapters and other hardware to accommodate cuvette holders in spectrometers

qpod Accessories – Optical components that can be used to customize a qpod or qpod 3

qX2 and qX3 accessories – Accessory products for the qX2 and qX3 air-cooled, Peltier-based products

Software – Windows-based programs from Quantum Northwest

Turret 6 fiber accessories – Optical components to enable use of fiber optics with the Turret 6

Water Circulators – Water circulators to remove heat from the Peltier units

Windowed Jackets – Covers with fused-silica windows to provide insulation for working at temperature extremes

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