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CD 250 Carriages

The CD 250 cell holder is designed to hold a large variety of different cuvette types or other samples such as films, pellets, glass, etc. It was originally developed for circular dichroism but now finds general use in other absorbance and even fluorescence measurements. The concept is simple. The CD 250 holds a sample carriage, which screws down within a temperature-controlled chamber for good thermal contact. Carriages are available for several common cuvette types and other samples, or may be inexpensively designed for new options. Strain-free fused silica windows are available to isolate the carriage in its chamber. This permits easy purging to remove moisture and oxygen from around the cuvette. Creating a chamber also traps temperature-controlled purging gas and permits temperature control of samples layered between cell windows in locations thermally distant from temperature-controlled metal surfaces.

Carriages and windows available include:

CARR/10×10 – Cuvette carriage for 10 x 10 mm square cell

CARR/10x10F – Cuvette carriage for 10 x 10 mm square cell with fluorescence port

CARR/1mm – Cuvette carriage for a 1 mm path rectangular cell

CARR/2mm – Cuvette carriage for a 2 mm path rectangular cell

CARR/5mm – Cuvette carriage for a 5 mm path rectangular cell

CARR/121.000 – Cuvette carriage for the 2-stoppered Hellma 121.000

CARR/120 – Cuvette carriage for the Hellma 120 and other single-stopper 10 mm path cylindrical cells

CARR/31 – Cuvette carriage for the Starna Type 31 or other single-stopper short path cylindrical cells

CARR/Film – Sample carriage for a films or flat materials

CARR/Pellet – Sample carriage for 13 mm diameter pellets or similar size samples

Window/FS15 – Two strain-free, fused-silica windows (15 mm diameter, 1 mm thick from Crystan)

Only a subset of possible carriages is shown here. Please enquire if you have a special cuvette that you would like to use.

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