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Turret 6 fiber accessories

Threaded rings for the mounting of optics are provided on three sides of the outer molded shroud that surrounds the Turret 6/FO. Thus, optics may be mounted before and after the cuvette for transmitted light and at 90 degrees to capture fluorescence. There are two common lens configurations for the Turret 6/FO. To measure absorbance, a collimating lens is placed on opposite sides of the cuvette. To measure fluorescence, an imaging lens is placed before the cuvette to focus a spot of light in the middle of the sample. Another imaging lens at 90 degrees to the incoming light is used to focus an image of the illuminated volume on the end of the collection fiber. An optional spherical mirror may be placed after the sample to reflect the excitation light back to the center of the cuvette for signal enhancement.

Our standard lenses are broadband AR-coated fused-silica, and our mirror plugs have a UV-enhanced aluminum surface. Please contact us if other lenses or surfaces are required.

Components available:

QCL/T6 – Collimating lens for absorption measurements

QIL/T6excit – Imaging lens for fluorescence excitation

QIL/T6emis – Imaging lens for fluorescence emission

QMP/T6 – Mirror plug to reflect excitation back onto itself for signal enhancement

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