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Cuvette Adapters

These four adapters are sized to accurately fit into any standard cuvette holder manufactured by Quantum Northwest. Made of anodized aluminum, they equilibrate well with the temperature of the cuvette holder. The optical opening provides a full 12 mm high by 10 mm wide aperture for either 8.5 mm or 15 mm cuvettes. Each has a spring plunger (small silver ball visible in the picture above) that positions the adapter to a desired side of the cuvette holder. With small adjustments of this spring plunger, the adapter can be adapted to cuvette holders from other manufacturers.

Three sizes are available:

ADAPT/Abs/0.5mm – Cuvette Adapter for a 0.5 mm Path Length Absorbance Cell
ADAPT/Abs/1mm – Cuvette Adapter for a 1 mm Path Length Absorbance Cell
ADAPT/Abs/2mm – Cuvette Adapter for a 2 mm Path Length Absorbance Cell
ADAPT/Abs/5mm – Cuvette Adapter for a 5 mm Path Length Absorbance Cell

Instructions for use:

First, locate the small spring clip that normally positions a full-sized 12.5 mm square cuvette into the opposite corner. The goal is to place the adapter and cuvette into that corner, permitting light in the full aperture of the cell holder to pass through the cuvette and adapter. Place the adapter in the opposite corner from the clip, being sure that the spring plunger ball is pushing the adapter into the corner. Now, insert the cuvette so that the spring clip of the cuvette holder pushes the cuvette toward the adapter. Thus, both the adapter and cuvette will be reproducibly located together in the corner of the cuvette holder opposite from the spring clip.

Adapters for Fluorescence Cuvettes and Other Options

Quantum Northwest does not currently make standard adapters for fluorescence cuvettes. Instead, we recommend the purchase of special masked cells from cuvette manufacturers. See for example, Hellma Analytics. However, if you require a special geometry, please contact us and we will be pleased to customize a cuvette adapter for you.

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