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Calibrations and Probes

NIST traceable calibrations, calibration hardware/software and thermistor probes

Quantum Northwest maintains a certified NIST-traceable thermometer. All our Peltier-based sample holders are calibrated against this standard, and each sample holder is provided with a calibration certificate (see example). You may send your cuvette holder and controller back to us for recalibration. You may also purchase a calibration thermometer with software to perform your own calibration. We can also provide thermistor probes for measuring the temperature in your cuvette or other sample. Software is provided for calibrating these probes against the calibrated cell holder.

Products available:

Probe/10k – Thermistor Probe for use with the TC 1 Temperature Controller
Probe/10k-L – Thermistor Probe with long lead for use with the TC 1 Temperature Controller
Probe/10k-qX – Thermistor Probe for use with the qX2 and qX3
CAL/Single – NIST-traceable temperature calibration of an existing cuvette holder and TC 1 Temperature Controller
CAL/TC1 – Calibration package, consisting of a NIST-traceable thermometer, RTD probe and software to enable you to perform your own temperature calibrations of Quantum Northwest TC 1 or TC 1B Temperature Controller and paired sample holder

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