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Thermistor Probe for use with the qX2, qX2x2 and qX3

Use the Probe/10k-qX with a qX2, qX2x2 or qX3. Plug the probe directly into the mini-plug jack on the side of a qX2 or qX3 cuvette holder. A pair of thin wires can then be threaded into a cuvette to immerse a small thermistor sensor. The TC 1B or TC 1B/Dual controller that powers the cell holder senses the presence of the probe and displays the probe reading.

The sensor is a 10kohm thermistor (at 25 °C) with Kapton (polyimide) sleeve. The thermistor body length is 9.52 mm and has a diameter of 0.762 mm. The probe is tested and calibrated for use over a temperature range of -20 °C to +110 °C.

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