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NIST-Traceable Temperature Calibration of a TC 1 or TC 1B Temperature Controller

This package consists of:

  1. A Digi-Sense Temp-360 Datalogging RTD Thermometer with Boot (Cole Parmer Item # EW‑91428‑08).
  2. An Omega RTD probe with 2-inch stainless tip (Omega part number PRTF-10-2-100-1/8-2-E).
  3. A four-temperature, NIST-traceable calibration by INNOCAL (Vernon Hills, IL).
  4. The TC 1 Calibrator application for a Quantum Northwest TC 1 Temperature Controller.

Maintain yearly NIST-traceable calibration of the Oakton thermometer via a third party and use it to maintain NIST-traceable calibration of your Quantum Northwest products.

Program TC 1 Calibrator is also available separately for those who wish to use their own thermometer.

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