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TC1 Calibrator

Application to recalibrate a TC 1 Temperature Controller

TC1 Calibrator is a program that can be used to check the temperature calibration of a Quantum Northwest TC 1 Temperature Controller/sample holder and to recalibrate it as needed.  The procedure requires a thermometer/probe combination provided by the user where the probe fits into the probe hole of the sample holder (inside diameter of the probe hole is 1/8-inch or 3.175 mm).

Our product CAL/TC 1 combines the TC1 Calibrator with a NIST-traceable RTD thermometer/probe system identical to the those used by Quantum Northwest technicians for temperature calibration of the TC 1 and older temperature controllers.  This kit was developed specifically for customers who need the ability to verify TC 1 calibration and to correct the calibration if it does not meet specifications.

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