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Windowed Jackets

Covers with fused-silica windows to provide insulation for working at temperature extremes

The WJ-20, WJ-20FL, WJ-40 and WJ-300 windowed jackets are plastic covers that fit over the cuvette holders for absorbance, fluorescence and laser spectroscopy, respectively. They provide an air gap around the cuvette holder as well as fused silica windows. This provides insulation minimizing conductive, radiative and convective losses. If a dry gas purge is used, the cover traps the gas. Minimizing convection also reduces the risk of condensation on the cuvette surfaces, when cold temperatures are used.

Standard windows are 25.4 mm in diameter and 1 mm thick, although 10 mm square and 1 mm thick windows are used on two sides of the WJ-300. They are composed of high grade of fused silica and are uncoated, making them useful over a wide range of wavelengths.

The WJ-20 fits on the Versa 20 cuvette holder, providing two windows for absorbance measurements. The WJ-40FL fits on the Luma 40 or TLC 50 Legacy, providing two windows at 90° to each other for fluorescence measurements. The WJ-40 is also used for fluorescence measurements but provides a window on each of the four sides. Windows are removable for cleaning.

Components available:

WJ-20 – Windowed jacket with two ports on opposite sides

WJ-20FL – Windowed jacket with two optical ports at 90°

WJ-40 – Windowed Jacket with four ports

WJ-300 – Windowed jacket for the FLASH 300

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