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Moral, M, Tolosa, J, Canales-Vázquez, J, Sancho-García, J, Garzón-Ruiz, A, García-Martínez, J, J. Phys. Chem. C, Pg. 11179-11188, Vol. 123, Issue 17 (2019)

“…here αi and τi are the amplitude and lifetime for each ith term. The number of ith terms used in that fitting was the minimum needed to get a homogeneous distribution of the weighted residuals and a value of χ2 near unity. The mean lifetime of the decay was then calculated as (3) The temperature of the experiments was controlled using a Peltier accessory (temperature-controlled cuvette holder, TLC 50, Quantum Northwest). FTIR measurements were carried out at room temperature using a 640-IR (Varian) spectrophotometer equipped with an attenuated total reflection (ATR) accessory. The spectra were recorded with resolution of 4 cm–1 and 64 scans…”

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