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Pandard, J; Pan, N; Ait‐Yahiatène, E; Grimaud, L; Lemaître, F; Guille‐Collignon, M;, ChemElectroChem, Vol. 9, 12(2022).

“…UV-visible (UV-Vis) absorption spectra were recorded on a Cary 300 spectrophotometer (Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, CA) equipped with a t2×2 Sport dual cuvette holder (Quantum Northwest, Liberty Lake, WA) thermoregulated at 293 K. Samples (3 mL) were placed in quartz cuvettes (Hellma) of 1×1 cm. Fluorescence measurements were performed at 293 K with a QuantaMaster spectrophotometer (PTI, Monmouth Junction, NJ) equipped with a TLC50 cuvette holder (Quantum Northwest). Samples were placed in quartz cuvettes (Hellma) (54 μL, 3×3 mm)…”

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