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J. Sutton, J. Barnsley, J. Mapley, P. Wagner, D. Officer, and K. Gordon, Molecules. 23, (2018)

“…For the 1A–3A emission spectra were collected on the same setup as discussed for resonance Raman, using the Innova I-302 krypton ion laser at 350.7 nm for excitation. While for the rest a diode laser, [448.0 nm (CrystaLaser)] for excitation and a SP2150 (Acton, Princeton Instruments) spectrometer with an air cooled CCD (Pixis 100, Princeton Instruments, Trenton, NJ. USA)) on a 90° bench top setup. A Quantum NorthWest TC125 temperature controller (Liberty Lake, WA, USA) was used to vary temperature for the ranges of 248 K to 293 K across all solvents. Sample concentration was typically 1 × 10−5 mol L−1…”

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