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Kashirina, AS, López-Duarte, I, Kubánková, M, Gulin, AA, Dudenkova, VV, Rodimova, SA, Torgomyan, HG, Zagaynova, EV, Meleshina, AV, Kuimova, MK,  Sci Rep, Page 14063, Vol. 10, Issue 1 (2020)

“…ckl, Germany). The measurements were performed on 1 μM solutions of BODIPY 1 in quartz cuvettes with a 1 cm path length, measured in a qpod cuvette holder heated using a TC 125 Peltier thermostat (Quantum Northwest, USA). Measurements were performed in a temperature range of 1–100 °C. The temperature was checked before and after each decay acquisition with a thermocouple. The number of phot…”

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