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NEW qpod 3 with Air-Cooling Technology

Compact spectrometer sample compartment
Sample compartment with four ports for mounting optics
Rapid, precise control Peltier temperature control
Optical slits for controlling light intensity
Brackets for holding filters or polarizer
Precise stepper-motor-driven magnetic stirring
Dry gas purge for entire optical chamber
Thermometer probe input for sample temperature
NIST-traceable temperature calibration

Why choose air-cooled technology over a water system?

Our temperature-controlled products use the Peltier principle. When controlling the temperature of a cuvette, the cuvette sits in a black-anodized aluminum tower, pressed gently into a corner. A Peltier device is attached to either the bottom or side of the tower. A Peltier device acts as a heat pump. Run current through it in one direction and it will remove heat; run the current in the opposite direction and it will add heat.

In an “air-cooled” system, the heat exchanger attempts to come to equilibrium with the temperature of the surrounding air. With a “water-cooled” system, flowing water or other coolant provides or removes heat. Water holds about a thousand times as much heat as an equal volume of air and is thus much more efficient for heating and cooling.
Air cooling is convenient since you will not need to maintain a circulating bath near your spectrometer. If available, use it for most routine work.

Air cooling with one of our products will give you good stable temperature control from about zero degrees C up to as high as 110 °C or 150 °C, depending on the product. You may notice that your cuvette holder performance with air cooling is as good or better than that obtained by any other company with water cooling. How we accomplish this feat is a trade secret, but you will sometimes hear us speak of “cascading Peltiers.”

Working with a specific spectrometer? We have many air-cooled holders designed to fit perfectly into your system. Check out our current product list.

If you have a custom product in mind, please contact us and we will be happy to help design the product right for you.

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