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Two years’ parts and labor on all equipment manufactured by Quantum Northwest, Inc.

Our policy for repair of cuvette holders: We understand the urgency of getting your equipment functioning again quickly. Please contact us about the need for a repair, and we will provide an RMA number for the return. Send us the unit (at your expense). In most cases we can repair the cuvette holder or temperature controller and send it back (at our expense) within five to ten days, sometimes sooner. If necessary, a complete recalibration will take about two days longer. If the repair issue is due to a failure of any parts manufactured by Quantum Northwest or installed by us within the controller or sample holder, then there will be no charge for the repair. If the damage is clearly due to misuse (spillage of corrosive liquids, being mishandled, etc.), the costs for labor and parts will apply.

Typically, our products are provided with a two-year warranty. One- and three-year warranty extensions are available for additional cost.

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