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ChemStation Driver

Program enabling Agilent’s Chemstation software to control the TC 1 Temperature Controller

The ChemStation Driver may be used with a 8453 or 8454 Diode Array Spectrophotometer that is being operated using Agilent’s UV-Visible ChemStation with a Version B.05.xx. When properly configured, ChemStation Driver will enable ChemStation to operate the Quantum Northwest t2 Sport/8454, Versa 20/8454, Luma 40/8454 or CD 250/8454. This enables temperature-control functionality that is the same as the Peltier-base product that was once available for use in these spectrophotometers.

Chemstation Driver is provided free of charge to purchasers of a Quantum Northwest temperature-controlled cuvette holder that will be used with a proper version of ChemStation.

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