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Precision temperature-controlled,16-place Microcentrifuge tube holder with extended low temperature response and addon Mixing capabilities
Product Overview

Introducing our new project, a step into the world of Microcentrifuge Tubes!

The qMC16 is a Peltier-based, temperature-controlled sample holder for the use with up to 16 1.5/2.0ml microcentrifuge tubes.

Temperature can be controlled and maintained indefinitely with a range from -50°C, up to 150°C. The qMC16 is a liquid-cooled device and will maintain any temperature in the calibrated range with pre-chilled water circulating through the provided ports on the sample holder. Circulate a dry gas through the provided gas port to reduce condensation buildup at low temperatures to make tube extraction a breeze!

The qMC16 sample holder comes with an easy to use temperature controller and water circulator system. Purchase the T-App software to control the temperature, log data, and create temperature ramp profiles from your computer with ease. A mixing option will also be available as an addon accessory.

Product Features

Rapid, precise Peltier temperature control -50 °C to +150 °C

Dry gas purge to remove condensation at low temperatures.

Insulated lid to improve temperature stability.

Probe input for external temperature probe.

NIST-traceable temperature calibration

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