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Software products from Quantum Northwest can be grouped into four types.

Software for use with Quantum Northwest instrumentation to collect, plot, archive, and redisplay temperature as a function of time.
  • T-App – temperature control application for use with any of QNW’s temperature controller/sample holder pairs, including the new TC 1 controller and older controller models (TC 125, TC 225, TC 425). T-App communicates with the controller using an RS232 serial connection, usually through a USB cable from the controller to the computer.  A component in the controller made by FTDI Chip, in combination with associated drivers installed on the computer, create a Virtual Com Port (VCP) on the computer (see FTDI Chip VCP Drivers).  T‑App connects to the VCP to send simple ASCII commands to and receive simple ASCII replies from the controller.
  • In addition to the sample holder temperature, T-App will collect temperatures measured with a Series 400 or            Series 500 thermistor probe connected to the external probe input of the QNW temperature controller.
    – a functionally identical version of T-App that can be used only with the qpod 2e sample holder (with integrated controller). Unlike other QNW temperature controllers, the qpod 2e is capable of using blue tooth (as an alternative to a VCP via a USB cable) for the RS232 serial connection.


Software for use with specific spectrophotometers, enabling collection of absorbance as a function of temperature.

  • T-App(S) – a version of T-App for use only with the Shimadzu UV-1800 absorbance spectrophotometer fitted with one of the many QNW sample holders. T-App(S) is included at no extra cost when T‑App is purchased for use with a QNW sample holder in a UV-1800.
  • ADLs_QNW – this application is for use with compatible Agilent Cary absorption spectrophotometers (including models 60, 100, 300, 4000, 5000, 6000i, and 7000). ADLs_QNW enable acquire single wavelength absorbance or absorbance scans as a function of temperature.

Temperature calibration software.

  • QNW Probe Calibrator – this application can be used to fine‑tune the calibration of a Series 400 thermistor probe to agree with the calibration of the QNW temperature controller/sample holder. For this process, the probe must fit into the “probe hole” of the QNW sample holder (1/8 inch diameter) and be connected to the external thermistor probe input of the temperature controller.  The resulting calibration is valid only with the probe connected to the temperature controller which includes the probe reading in its front panel display; the probe reading can also be monitored using T‑App.QNW has thermistor probes designed for use with QNW products to accurately measure the temperature of a liquid sample in a cuvette with minimum internal dimensions of 1/8 inch or greater (see Probe/QNW1 and Probe/QNW2).  These probes, when used with a Series 400 thermistor thermometer (including the external probe input of QNW temperature controllers), are accurate to better than ± 1 °C.  The QNW Probe Calibrator application is included with the purchase of QNW thermistor probes and, after being used to fine tune the TC 1 calibration, the readings will be accurate to better than ± 0.2%.
  • QNW TC1 Calibration – this application can be used to check or change the temperature calibration of a QNW TC 1 temperature controller/sample holder using any thermometer/probe, as long as the probe fits into the “probe hole” of the sample holder (1/8 inch diameter).QNW has a product (the TC1 Calibration Kit) that combines the QNW TC1 Calibration application with a NIST‑traceable RTD thermometer/probe system identical to the those used by QNW technicians for temperature calibration of the TC 1 and older controllers.  This kit was developed specifically for OEM customers who need to ability to verify TC 1 calibrations and to correct the calibration if it does not meet specifications.
  • Temp360_Monitor – this application can be used to monitor and plot, as a function of time, the temperature measured by an Oakton Temp 360 Datalogging RTD thermometer/probe (the same RTD thermometer used by QNW technicians for temperature calibration or recalibration of TC 1 and older controllers).
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