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Six-position temperature-controlled linear cuvette changer.
Product Overview

The qCHANGER 6 is a sophisticated, temperature-controlled cuvette holder for six sample cuvettes. With optical ports on each side of every cuvette, use the qCHANGER 6 for absorbance measurements or any experiment that can be performed using the 180° beam path. The linear carriage provides the ability to change which cuvette is actively being held within the excitation beam path mid-experiment.

The standard qCHANGER 6 is mounted on a base with a metric hole pattern for mounting on an optical breadboard. We have mounting options compatible with a wide array of spectrophotometers from different manufacturers, or contact us today for a custom mounting solution to meet your experimental needs! Check out the available options below!

The qCHANGER 6 is ideal for temperature ranges from -15 °C to +110 °C for to up to six cuvettes. Circulating coolant (usually water) is used to remove heat from the Peltier heat exchanger. The qCHANGER 6 will maintain precise sample temperatures and stir all six samples at a steady reproducible rate, with the ability to flood the optics in a controlled gaseous environment while working at lower temperatures to maintain optical clarity. Use the qCHANGER 6 to measure spectra at precisely maintained temperatures, or for temperature ramping, to observe changes with temperature.

It is easy to operate the qCHANGER 6 using the TC 1 Temperature Controller, included in the purchase price. The sample temperature, stirring speed, cuvette position, and temperature ramp rate may be controlled manually using the TC 1 menu control buttons on the front panel, or by using Quantum Northwest’s computer control software,  T-App, available for purchase.

Product Features

Six cuvette positions
Rapid, precise temperature control
Variable magnetic stir speed same in each cuvette
Dry gas purge
Probe input for sample temperature
NIST-traceable temperature calibration

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