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t2 Sport

User-customizable, Peltier-driven temperature control with two optical ports
Product Overview

The t2 Sport is an inexpensive, compact, standalone, temperature controlled cuvette holder. With optical ports on each side of the cuvette, use the t2 Sport for absorbance measurements or any experiment that can be performed using the 180° beam path.

The standard t2 Sport is provided with a post and a base with a metric hole pattern for mounting on an optical breadboard. We have mounting options compatible with a wide array of spectrophotometers from different manufacturers, or contact us today for a custom mounting solution to meet your experimental needs! Check out the available options below!

The t2 Sport is ideal for work in temperature ranges from -15 °C to 110 °C. Circulating coolant (usually water) is used to remove heat from the Peltier heat exchanger. The t2 Sport will maintain precise sample temperatures and stir at a steady reproducible rate, with the ability to flood the optics in a controlled gaseous environment while working at lower temperatures to maintain optical clarity. Use the t2 Sport to observe absorbance spectra at precisely maintained temperatures, or for temperature ramping, to observe how absorbance changes with temperature.

It is easy to operate the t2 Sport using the TC 1 Temperature Controller, included in the purchase price. The sample temperature, stirring speed, and temperature ramp rate may be controlled manually using the TC 1 menu control buttons on the front panel, or by using Quantum Northwest’s computer control software,  T-App, available for purchase.

Product Features

Rapid, precise Peltier temperature control
Variable speed magnetic stirring
Dry gas purge for work at low temperature
Mounting base for use on an optical breadboard
Cuvette lifter for removal of cuvette
Probe input for sample temperature
NIST-traceable temperature calibration

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